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The women and men that come to us with progressing presbyopia in Yuma, Arizona, are typically around 40 years of age and are usually finding it difficult to focus on objects that are close-up. This condition can occur in people who have never had a history of vision problems, and is usually a result of the natural aging process.

The Aiello Eye Institute offers treatment for the correction of presbyopia. Request an appointment or call (928) 782-1980 to speak with one of our eye care professionals about your treatment options.

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What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a condition in which the eye progressively loses the ability to focus on objects that are close-up. Although presbyopia may seem to occur suddenly, the change in vision takes place over the course of several years, typically becoming noticable around age 40.

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What causes presbyopia?

Presbyopia is caused by the loss of flexibility in the natural eye lens. Imagine a balloon that is filled up and deflated several times. Note that the elasticity of that balloon decreases a bit each time it is inflated and deflated. While the exact mechanisms of presbyopia are not yet known, the integrity of the cystaline lens of the eye loses its elasticity as part of the natural aging process, much like that balloon. As a result, we lose our ability to accommodate, or see objects when they are close to us like we did when we were younger.

What are the symptoms?

The most common symptom of presbyopia is an inability to see objects clearly that are within a close range. Many people find that they must hold objects further away from them in order to read fine print, especially in low-light conditions.

What treatments are available?

The most common remedy for presbyopia are contact lenses or eye glasses. An eye exam with one of our trained eye care professionals will determine what solution is best for your vision needs.

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