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More People Should Consider LASIK, Arizona Ophthalmologist Says

LASIK eye surgery not only corrects near- and farsightedness, but it's also very safe and comfortable and is more cost-effective than a lifetime of glasses or contacts, says Dr. Patrick Aiello, an Arizona optometry and ophthalmology specialist.

Yuma, Arizona (November 2013) — Dr. Patrick Aiello of the Aiello Eye Institute believes that more patients should consider LASIK surgery in place of wearing glasses or contact lenses for a lifetime. At his Arizona optometry and eye care practice, which has 2 locations in Yuma, Dr. Aiello uses LASIK to treat farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, and other common vision conditions.

"At my practice in Arizona, LASIK is becoming increasingly popular with younger people who don't want to deal with contacts or glasses for the rest of their lives," Dr. Aiello says. "But some people are still hesitant to consider it, despite the fact that its safety and effectiveness have been well established for years."

LASIK, which stands for laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis, is the most commonly performed vision correction surgery in the United States today. During a LASIK procedure, an ophthalmologist uses a laser to reshape a patient's cornea. The versatility of LASIK allows it to correct a variety of vision conditions. Most patients report immediate improvement in their vision and experience little or no discomfort during the outpatient procedure.

Today's lasers don't only adjust the shape of the cornea; they also improve visual acuity and contrast sensitivity, which improves all aspects of a person's vision.

"Many of my patients are surprised by how easy the process is and how much it improves their vision," Dr. Aiello says. "They wonder why they didn't have LASIK sooner."

Cost is a factor that sometimes prohibits people from undergoing LASIK, Dr. Aiello says, but he encourages patients to "think long-term."

"When you compare the upfront cost of LASIK to the cumulative cost of glasses or contact lenses over your whole life, LASIK is the clear winner."

The cost of LASIK is quite affordable, and there are many options available to prospective patients, Dr. Aiello says. The Aiello Eye Institute has several pricing plans, beginning with standard LASIK, to customized LASIK with the latest wavefront technology, he says.

"You have to take your contacts out before bed. You have to keep them clean and change them regularly. They can cause side effects, such as dry eye disease. Glasses can break, scratch, get lost, and go out of style," he says. "But with LASIK, you don't have a secondary device correcting your vision for you. The actual shape of your cornea has been adjusted, so the problem effectively doesn't exist anymore."

Dr. Aiello says that at his practice in Arizona, LASIK is among the top ophthalmology services he offers, and his group of patients is growing to include more people under the age of 25 every year.

"I'm heartened to see so many young people being proactive in their approach to eye health," he says.

If you'd like to reduce your dependence on glasses or contacts, or just want to improve your eyesight, request an appointment or call (928) 782-1980 to speak with one of our eye care professionals.

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