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About Us

Providing better vision for a better quality of life.

At the Aiello Eye Institute, we believe that you shouldn't have to compromise when it comes to your eye health. Our world-class facility in Yuma, Arizona, offers ophthalmology services using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced therapies that are on par with advanced eye centers in major metropolitan areas. We provide comprehensive care and follow strict safety standards that ensure your treatment is a success. Our goal is to make every visit to our office a positive experience and provide our patients with outstanding results.

We offer a complete menu of eye care services to accommodate nearly every concern. Request an appointment online or call our office at (928) 782-1980 to inquire about making Dr. Aiello your Yuma, Arizona, ophthalmologist.

Our Mission

We at Aiello Eye Institute offer a progressive approach to vision care and eye health. We are committed to providing high quality, comprehensive medical and surgical eye care using proven, state-of-the-art technology.

Our dedicated team of professionals treats every patient as a valued member of the family, offering each individual the confidentiality, respect and consideration he or she deserves. We believe in the value of patient education and offers open, informed discussion with patients and their families regarding their eye health.

Meet Dr. Aiello

Dr. Aiello's unique combination of compassion and qualifications sets him apart as one of the leading ophthalmologists in the field.

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Standards for Excellence

The Aiello Eye Institute maintains high standards for excellence in order to provide you with quality eye care services. Our approach to vision care and eye health includes a unique combination of innovative treatments and individualized care to best meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Training & Expertise

As eye care professionals, we pride ourselves in providing you with the care you need to keep your eyes healthy and your vision at its best. In addition to undergoing extensive training and education, our experienced health professionals are active members in various professional associations and stay abreast of the changes in the field of eye care.

Uncompromising Safety Standards

Safety, sterilization and infection control is of utmost importance to us. Our office strictly maintains sterilization and safety standards to ensure you are protected at all times. We believe that no procedure is "routine" and focus on comprehensive consultations that include a thorough health examination before performing any procedure.

Ongoing Education

As a practice, we remain informed on the latest techniques and standards in order to provide our patients with the safest, most effective treatments possible. Our staff regularly attends relevant lectures, meetings, and conventions to learn about new techniques, products, and equipment that can be used to perform leading edge procedures.

Quality Care

We never take for granted that you have placed a great deal of confidence in us. That's why we strive to build a foundation of trust by treating you with the excellent, personalized care and service you deserve. If there is something we can do to make your experience with us more comfortable and pleasant, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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